Privacy Policy

Family Go Japan Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ” the Company”) notices the pressing need for businesses’ actions in protecting personal private information. As a quality car rental service provider, the Company puts the protection of personal data and privacy in an important position, and the Company has put any possible policies in place to protect customers’ privacy in all business activities.

In the course of the business process, the Company will handle customers’ and staffers’ phone numbers and information relating to customers’ and staffers’ phone numbers (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”). The Company puts the highest priority on Personal Privacy protection. The Company establishes a system to manage and protect Personal Information and hereby lays out the following “Personal Information Protection Policies” on the basis of the rule of law.

For the above purposes, the Company formulates the following privacy policy and business management protocol and requires all staff members to fully comply with the policy and implement the management protocol, in order to effectively protect Personal Information.

The Company promises to be in compliance with the above policies whichever applicable when collecting, provisioning, using and processing the Personal Information during any business processes.

The Company also promises the Personal Information collected is for the above mentioned purposes, and the Company only acquires and updates the Personal Information in the appropriate manner. Also, the Personal Information collected will not be shared with any third parties that are beyond the above mentioned purposes. The Company will not use the Personal Information for illegal purposes, and will take all necessary measures for the said purposes.

The Company’s measures to protect Personal Information comply with laws and regulations  that are relevant to personal information protection and personal identifiable information administrative proceedings and other relevant laws and all other relevant laws practised in the country.

The Company is committed to maintaining the highest level of crisis awareness on personal information leakage, and the Company will put all possible prevention and rectification measures in place.

The Company sets up a dedicated counter for customers to inquire or complain about Personal Information in order to handle requests in concern swiftly and honestly.

The Company will timely revise and update the Personal Information management system in order to attain the highest possible operation efficiency.

The Company has taken the necessary and appropriate safety management measures to prevent leakage, loss or clash of customers’ personal information and personal number related information.

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