Driving in Japan

The basic driving rules

Right-hand driving on left-hand traffic

All passengers must fasten seat belts

Using mobile phone is strictly prohibited when driving

Pay attention and follow traffic sign instructions

Passengers under the age of 6 must use a safety seat

Pay attention to the car’s height and length

Road Signs

Speed ​​Limit

Parking Time Limit

Height Limit

One-way Road

Closed to Traffic

No Crossing

No Waiting

No U-turn

No Overtaking

Slow Down


No Parking

How to Handle an Illegal Parking Ticket

Illegal parking ticket sample

If you see an illegal parking ticket on the windshield of your rented car, please settle the fine at the police station. You’ll be given with a receipt of the fine, please present it to our staff when dropping off the car.

Non-business hours please contact  +852 9778 6946

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Rental Guide

A step-by-step guide to kick start your driving journey

Driving in Japan

Drive like a local, experience the joy of driving

Driving Documents

Start your journey hassle-free with all the documents required

New Traffic Laws

Penalty to using mobile phones in driving has increased as case of phone related car accident surges

Tokyo Olympics

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